Every law project that is furnished by a Law Assignment writer is thoroughly executed as per the requirements of our clients. Every client is permitted to utilise it as a source of reference to develop a customised law assignment. However, no client is allowed to utilise the ingredients of law assignments exactly. In case any client presents the law assignment in its exact structure, the client will be completely responsible for the consequences that will arise as a result of the act in further future. We carry all rights of every law assignment that are furnished by our academic draftsmen. The possession of the law assignments stays with the company even after it is supplied to our clients.

Hence, our suggestion for every customer is to read the following ‘Terms & Conditions mentioned below before using our academic writing services:

Privacy Policy

We never disclose the privacy of our valuable clients to anyone. We need the personal information from our clients in the duration of the order confirmation, customer feedback, and the proclamation of further future services. We fully assure our clients that all their personal information provided by them will be stored safe and sound and will be never disclosed to anyone. Although:

Clients can operate with another identity of their choice during placing an order if they don’t want to disclose their actual name.

    1. Clients are also permitted to unsubscribe from our daily and weekly updates about our promotional offers, oncoming services and special occasion packages by connecting with us over email.
    2. Your IP address, search engine details, operating system information, access time and place are automatically stored on our server while you visit our website. We access that information to improve our online services for our valued visitors. If any visitor doesn’t want to share such pieces of information, you can easily disable your search engine’s cookies at any moment.

Refund Policy

If the law assignment provided by our company doesn’t match with the requirements of the client, a moneyback request can be initiated by the client. However, the clients are suggested to get free correction before requesting a refund.

The request for a refund will be entertained only under the following conditions mentioned below: -

    1. Please consider that minor mistakes in the law assignment do not make your placed order eligible for a refund. A similar rule applies to unimportant delays in the order of the law assignment. The refund is acceptable only for major mistakes.
    2. If the law assignment writer fails to convince the client even after counter steps of correction, then the client can request a refund.
    3. In the case the company charges much more than the billed amount, the company will be completely liable to give back the additional remaining amount in the shortest period.

Refund Policy

Clients are suggested to directly communicate with the customer support representatives to resolve any issue before connecting with any third party in case of any such dispute. If the customer support service fails to respond to the client in the correct time manner, then the client will be also entitled to seek arbitrary services.

Although, if the client appeals for an arbitrary service without first settling the concerning issue with the company, then the act will be considered a breach of lawful contract and the company will go forward for a suitable course of action to handle that concerning issue.

Order Cancelation Policy

Law Assignments possess the lawful right to cancel an order without any delay under the following conditions laid down below:

    1. On the occasion when a client breaches any of the clauses stated in the ‘Terms & Conditions.
    2. If the client is suspicious of any act of like to be fraud or felony.

In the case of order cancellation, the client will be eligible for a partial refund if the client appeals the request after the specified timeframe. Although, if that client requests within the given timeframe, then a full refund will be sincerely accepted.

Order Delivery Policy

Students are strictly suggested to supply their accurate communication details as they are mandatory for us to supply your law assignments.

Law Assignments will not be kept responsible for any delay that had arisen as a result of an inappropriate email address or any spam filters used by the clients in their mailbox.

Amendment Policy

We secure the absolute lawful rights to add, delete or correct any of the clauses in the ‘terms of service’ section without any prior notice. Although, our team will surely keep you updated shortly through email once any change in the policy is approved.


You can place your order with guaranteed surety of privacy and secrecy, during the deployment of a legal academic writer for your law assignment. During the course of work completion, Your order will be safe and sound.


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We are committed to serving our smart assistance accompanying legitimate & authentic academic resources, assisting struggling law scholars to acquire precise comprehension in writing law assignments instead of being troubled by their fear, accomplishing the academic project with perfection and efficiency.


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