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Understanding The Importance Of Data Protection:

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Data Protection Act 2018 is applicable on personal data, i.e., information that is related to individuals. With the aid of subject access requests, it gives people the right to access their own personal data and contains guidelines that must be followed while processing personal data.

The act works in two ways:

The act works in two ways:

It grants individuals with rights, together with the right to know what information is held concerning them and grants them the right to access the information.

It asserts that anyone who is processing the personal information has to comply with the principles in the act.

The best thing about the law is that it focuses on protecting the personal data of the public and that’s why most students spend time learning about data protection law. Because of its dynamic nature students prefer to prepare assignments in data protection law. But the biggest challenge in preparing the assignment is that it is necessary to know history and current situations related to the law, plus students have to study laws that have an indirect connection with data protection law such as business law for proper understanding of the law.

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